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EugeneKha - Winter Reminiscence About Strange Summer Night [Dec. 28th, 2014|04:46 pm]
the edge


Artist: EugeneKha
Album: Winter Reminiscence About Strange Summer Night
Label / Release: Treetrunk Records || 2014, December
Style: Soundscape, Atmospheric Drone, Dark Ambient, Field Recordings
Time / Format: 32:29 || MP3 320 kbps

Note: Atmospheric Soundscape with sythesizer Arturia Microbrute (all analog synth, drone, atmospheric sounds) and Field recordings

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цэдэ.рф - गिरावट समारोह [Apr. 2nd, 2014|05:03 am]
the edge

Ufozil Bareld
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Sun-Inside-Mix-Travel Network 10 [Nov. 28th, 2012|12:06 pm]
the edge



01-Morphine Bandit-Slowly Sliding Movement
02-Stable Mechanism-Arriving
03-N.N.A-To hope2.0
04-XZICD-Calmanarium Rofeta
05-Janina Frank-Baking Mother
08-Cousin Silas-One last long walk on the beach
09-Dissolved-Blacklight Manta Flooder
10-Premute-New Breathe
11-Palminha-With Love from Venus
12-bad loop-Sometimesrmx
13-Rec Overflow-Filter Tips
14-Subsonic Paradigm-Abhorrent
15-Qebrus and Valance Drakes-Preface
16-Ragul-Pokeyali http://archive.org/download/Sun-inside-mix-travelNetwork10/Sun-inside-mix-travelNetwork10_vbr_mp3.zip

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(no subject) [Nov. 19th, 2012|12:52 pm]
the edge

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[PICPACK155] The Fucked Up Beat-Apparatus for Controlling the Mechanism of Floating Vessels [Oct. 29th, 2012|09:13 am]
the edge


experimental,electronic,avant-garde,modern classical,piano,sound collage,trip hop

01 -apparatus of control(3:39)
02 -trapdoor to escape floods(3:24)
03 -biorhythm (a love letter for anonymous)(3:11)
04 -train whistle forget-me-nots(4:39)
05 -the drought (a blister)(2:35)
06 -repaying a debt(3:43)
07 -a good day for raising ships(3:11)
08 -home movies of the 90's(2:42)
09 -disaster porn. the nihilist myth of collapse(3:39)
10 -the slow death of irony(5:25)
11 -come back to new orleans(4:18) http://archive.org/download/TheFuckedUpBeat-apparatusForControllingTheMechanismOfFloatingVessels/TheFuckedUpBeat-apparatusForControllingTheMechanismOfFloatingVessels_vbr_mp3.zip

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[PICPACK151] Houkoliartilisominity-Void [Sep. 26th, 2012|08:05 am]
the edge



01 -Loss Of Light(3:02)
02 -Afternoon Outsider(7:01)
03 -Semi-Beloved(5:30)
04 -Frozen(6:10)
05 -Pour Tuer Le Dernier Sourire(6:14)
06 -Falling Trees Hour(4:33) http://archive.org/download/Houkoliartilisominity-Void/Houkoliartilisominity-Void_vbr_mp3.zip http://picpack.org.ua/content/picpack151-houkoliartilisominity-void

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[PICPACK150] Alex Duko-From Dreamer to Dreamfinder [Sep. 20th, 2012|01:16 pm]
the edge



01 -Her Last Remnant(5:34)
02 -Our Dreams(6:00)
03 -Our Dreams (Glitch reWork)6:00)
04 -Memento Mori(3:26)
05 -Memorial To The Apprentice(5:50) http://archive.org/download/AlexDuko-fromDreamerToDreamfinder/AlexDuko-fromDreamerToDreamfinder_vbr_mp3.zip http://picpack.org.ua/content/picpack150-alex-duko-dreamer-dreamfinder

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Sun-Inside-Mix-Travel Network 9 [Sep. 18th, 2012|02:37 pm]
the edge


podcast; experimental; abstract; noise; glitch; ambient; mix

01-Heddy Boubaker-xy²[A.M.P - RECS]
02-Set Controls-Orange Sunshine (II)[Brainstormlab]
03-Max Scordamaglia-After AP & ML - Part 3[MAV [0kbps] Records]
04-RALLY!-Museo Diego Rivera
05-Franz Rosati-Nanosonics [Brusio Netlabel]
06-Brusio Vol. Zero-Brusio Vol. Zero[Brusio Netlabel]
07-Eigenheimer-Wafeti bok[rec72]
08-Zoologic-Familiar Hole[Classwar Karaoke]
09-Calla Soiled-The End[MarginalRec.]
10-North Bay - Thorough Masterminds[Black Hymn Records]
11-Tiziano Milani-n°2 variations for piano and insects[capillarywaves]
12-Monoiz-Multiplied Phoneme[Crazy Language Netlabel]
13-Trollhead - Elohim[Bedroom Research]
14-Sun-Inside - Spiral[Section 27] http://archive.org/download/Sun-inside-mix-travelNetwork9/Sun-inside-mix-travelNetwork9_vbr_mp3.zip http://www.mixcloud.com/djknolios/sun-inside-mix-travel-network-9/

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Relative; - 3 000 000' 00'' [Sep. 15th, 2012|10:49 pm]
the edge

The triumph of postmodern art... 3 000 000 hours of plain audio on a brand new Genetic Trance sublabel for you to think out your own and unique conception. The more - you can enjoy it even after you die !
1. This Will Bring Wisdom [500000:00:00]
2. A Second in Paradise [500000:00:00]
3. 500 000' 00'' [500000:00:00]
4. √∞=√-∞ [500000:00:00]
5. Ultimate Plagiarism [500000:00:00]
6. Futility of Conception [500000:00:00]

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[PICPACK149] Palsekam-Fractal Fequency [Sep. 13th, 2012|01:53 pm]
the edge



01 -Zola-f(3:11)
02 -Globe You Heed(4:51)
03 -Aloe(4:39)
04 -Kill Rfid(4:37)
05 -Mirraball(2:44)
06 -Poloeyomi(5:04)
07 -Salat Soul(4:06) http://archive.org/download/Palsekam-fractalFequency/Palsekam-fractalFequency_vbr_mp3.zip http://picpack.org.ua/content/picpack149-palsekam-fractal-fequency

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